Night Xqwizit Ushers Brought Expertise To Encomium White Gig

Looking beautiful and angelic in their Egyptian robes,the Joke Adegun led Xqwizit Ushers once again imprinted their ushering expertise at the Encomium White Gig that was recently held in Lagos.

Right now, the one time banker is melding ushering into fashion entertainment as she unveils plan for Xqwizit Nite @ Aura. The event slated to take place on Monday December 27th, 2010 by 10pm, will feature a red carpet where Xqwizit Ushers’ outfits will be modeled on the runway.

Speaking on this event Joke Adegun said ‘It’s an event being organized by Xqwizit ushers and Aura lounge. The aim is to create awareness of our services, showcase our ushers and the different types of outfits we have’.

A roll call of some of the hi profile events they have handled in recent times is the British American Tobacco team building seminar, Catholic Women’s Organisation annual rose ball, LASAA AGM, TECHNO OLI Christmas party and GTB Christmas party.

Speaking on the skills of Xqwizit Ushers, Joke Adegun again said ‘our presence at parties adds a lot of glamour to the event. Our ushers are also equipped with modern day strategy to prevent the usual chaos and disorganization that occur at parties.

The unique look of Xqwizit ushers makes them easy to spot at events. They wear beautiful outfits from Ancient, Colonial, Asian, Royalty, Fairies/Angels, Cheerleaders, Roman, Arabian, Egyptian, 70's, 80's, Traditional and a host of other unique-costumes

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