It’s been two weeks since the contest got serious, and now sources at the Dream Studio have revealed that the first group of ten comprising of Immaculate, Olamide, Chito, Irene, Ruth, Naomi, Sadia, Abraham, Joe Blue and Bukky are on a quest to releasing a new body of work.

‘It has not been confirmed if it’s an album or simply a collection of songs, but we know that the team have started writing and putting together songs that they will eventually release soon.’

Producer Lillas Bode told us last week that ‘Although we have had just three groups since the top 50 phase started, this team happens to be one of the closest we have had, and hearing that they are coming together to release a musical project is not surprising, but sincerely, this is the first time I am hearing of such.’

Surprisingly some members of the team were available at the Sunday recording to support some of the other contestants from the second group.

Nigerian Idol first hit our TV screens on Sunday, November 21, 2010 and has since then become a must watch amongst TV viewers in Nigeria, Ghana, UK and USA.

Host Misi and Anis have so far done a great job of treating fans to the ups and downs of the show, and while many contestants have gone without receiving the grand prize, there is no denying the fact that they are grateful to the producers of Nigerian Idol.

“It is an experience I will never forget, I have learnt a lot since I came to Idols, and I’m grateful to the producers of this show” Ruth one of the contestants who auditioned in Lagos disclosed last week.

In the music industry, contestants of the Idols talent competition are held in high regard because they are seen as artistes who are versatile, brilliant, energetic and articulate, and last week all these contestants did not fall short of expectations

Sponsored by Etisalat in association with Pepsi and Royal Exchange, the winner of Nigerian Idol leaves with 7.5 Million Naira and a recording contract from Sony BMG. Nigerian Idol airs on 20 broadcast stations in Nigeria, UK and USA. Transmission details are available on

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