Amobi believes that through partnership and collaboration we can see the inner cities of America renewed, and impoverished nations enriched.

Brace yourselves as we enter into a part of Amobi Okoye, one of the defensive linemen for the Houston Texans.Amobi entered high school at the young age of twelve and he distinguished himself both athletically and scholastically. He then graduated Lee High School in Huntsville, Alabama at fifteen. Amobi's academic prowess was evident to all; he was offered a scholarship to Harvard University, which he turned down in lieu of a football scholarship to the University of Louisville.

After three and half years of study, he graduated with a degree in psychology and became the youngest player to ever be drafted into the NFL at nineteen. Amobi has a passion to help children by giving them a hope and a future and letting them know they can achieve great things. Amobi is equally passionate about seeing communities transformed.

Programs of the Amobi Okoye Foundation can be categorized into two main groups that include: Domestic youth and community programs and International Outreach based in Nigeria, West Africa.

Tackle Hunger: Provides temporary sustenance for needy families while encouraging an atmosphere of hope that will lead to personal sustainability.

Kickoff for Kids: Series of youth activities that uses athletics to motivate and inspire this generation

Amobi’s House: Community achievement center where kids can learn and play in a safe nurturing environment.

C.A.T.E. (Changing Africa Through Education): Global education initiative that offers academic and athletic scholarships to support achievement and excellence among youth in developing nations.

His foundation has made a huge impact in the communities of Nigeria and across the globe. Through his annual mission trips to Nigeria, his main goal is to introduce American football to the youth. With the assistance of his fellow NFL counterparts, he is making that goal come alive and a reality to many. Through a partnership with the Katy Independent School District, the Amobi Okoye Foundation was able to distribute 30,000 books to impoverished schools in Nigeria. The AOF is also in the process of building a college preparatory school in Africa. His passion is present through the various programs his foundation instills by providing hope to this generation.

Event Details: Amobi Okoye Foundation Gala
Saturday, March 5th, 2011
Marriott Westloop
1750 Westloop South
Houston, Texas 77027
6:00 – 11:30 PM

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