Mo'Cheddah sings 'Keresimesi'

Guess who's feeling this xmas? It's none other than your favorite diva!!

Mocheddah is a rising star/brand who is certainly going to hold down our attention for a long time. She is very passionate about Nigeria and being Nigerian and believes that Nigeria has a lot to offer the world. She sees herself as the Nigerian entertainment ambassador to the international community and her vision is to take Nigerian entertainment to the world stage and to showcase the wealth of talent and cultural richness of 'Naija'.

Her hit singles 'ko maa roll' and 'if you want me' are still topping charts around the nation. Enjoy this xmas single by the diva; it's a little bit of this and thing, something you can relate to.

Something about this track reminds me of DOn Jazzy.

Download track (here)

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