Introducing Bayknile

Jerry Uti better known by his stage name Bayknile is a musician, singer and song writer of Nigerian origin. Like many artists, he started at a very tender age - making beats on the lunch table while singing and rapping.

He later began to write and perform during social school events. Growing up, he knew he was going to venture into the music scene because his love for it was and is matchless. Bayknile is the most recent addition to the industry. Enjoy his debut singles - viruz magic drum and not searching.

Bayknile ft. Oz - Viruz Magic Drum

Bayknile - Not Searching

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9ice track bro...dis snipez...kip it up broda...1luv

I did enjoy those two tracks, keep it up, you are doing your brothers proud....

you are the next thing that will affect the music industry..your songs are dope, god piece of music. kip it up...

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