IBK in anticipation

This is another creative piece from IBK. In his own words, "you haven't heard anything like it. I don't know what to say to hype this work but it is to prepare you for a new sound." IBK's birthday is only 5 days from today; be sure to wish him a happy birthday.

we is about to obliterate everything God didnt plant in your life, and make His seed grow
for those er you hearing me for the first time
I make the beat go

its the producer
like matthew 25:16
i'm an investor
i open your mind with the rhyme in two phases
1 your body's rocking
2 your mind is awaken
my flow is systematic
its super sonic
automatic when i spit it
its like a machine get it
no credit
i didnt achieve it by myself
let me take you back
as i reminece
my lungs was an inflamatory mess
and O2
found it hard to flow through
for life to continue
now that was an issue
back in 1992
but in 94
God took out the old
and gave me a nu one
i'm healed baby
dont mess with me
if you are sick in your body
recieve life hommie
me and God have the same DNA
plus we commune alot
palms together on my knees i pray

any body wanna proclaim with me
i'm hid in christ and christ is in me
with faith like a mustard seed
you can move mountains
and we make the beat go

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