FLO - the Christmas Project

A gift for you! Christmas carols like you've never heard them BEFORE . 6 awesome tracks featured on the Christmas project by FLO.

Not only is FLO giving this album to you for free, he felt we (@OlamildEnt) should let you know what inspired each track on this album. Listen, Enjoy, Download & Share with all!

"I had always wanted to interprete Christmas my own way. I grew up listening to the 'keresimesi' as a kid from my grandmother. It always brought me good memories. Now i'm all grown up and having my own kids i decided it was time for me to give back the legacy of the song..my own way. The essence of Christmas is really joy and so i decided to make it a dance-able track with a twist of European flavor without losing the African-ness!"

Keresimesi - FLO

"We all sing Christmas hymns during the yuletide season and its always fun. Whilst growing up i remember listening to this song. Tradition had us listening to the same version year in year out. I got bored with the same thing every year and prayed for a time when i would never have to play that version again. Besides, i've always heard it from white peeps and no black folks. Whilst compiling the album, i decided to sing the song to my daughter and thought to myself.."won't i bore her to death with the same melodies i've listened to over the years as well?". I then decided i was gonna change the 'feel' to the song without spoiling the intent of the writer. I see the song like a worship song and asked myself how i would minister the song personally. Thats the reason for the 'Yoruba' flip in the middle of the song! "

Oh come all ye faithful - FLO

My mum gave us treats during Christmas. We were always travelling during
Christmas. Whilst shopping you could hear all sorts of Christmas songs being played through the shopping malls. Yet, they were all white folks!!! this time, i decided i was gonna remix the song with a movie feel to it. I thought to myself.."How would Jay Z arrange this song?". I called a Rap Artist friend of mine to come to the studio to write a rap to the song. He came along with another friend of his (who happened to also be a rapper!) and i thought to myself..'the more the merrier!'. So they both came up bursting with lyrics and i recorded every nuance of it! I played the classical whilst they played the contemporary! Great fun it was i tell you! Notice the 'Mission Impossible' tune during the second rap did you?

God rest ye merry gentlemen - FLO ft. XL and Gameman

All through this recording i felt i needed to duet with a lady. I called a friend of mine (Dubem) who had just finished a series of concerts. She agreed to come duet the song with me. There was only one problem..her voice was cracked from prolonged singing!!! Being the (slave driver that i was) i told her to come to the studio all the same. We rehearsed the song and i realized that the soreness added some juice to the song! We recorded the song and no-one could tell if her voice was cracked! Except for now..(don't tell her i told you!)

Hark the herald- FLO ft. Dubem

I felt the album was getting to serious and then i decided to sing a dreamy song. White Christmas readily came to mind! So, without rehearsal, i got into the vocal boot and sang the song in one take! Notice me laughing in the middle of the verse?

White Christmas - FLO

My albums will be coming out pretty soon and its so eclectic in nature that i think my Mum might feel i'm on some cheap drug of the sort! So i slipped in a worship song as a bonus track..just for her sake.

You are Lord -FLO

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My goodness! This album is too good to be free! God bless you Olamild Entertainment for bringing us 'good' tidings from FLO. I wonder how fabulous his album will sound if his christmas album sounds so excellent! Does he have another album before this one or after?

Wow..this is very good!!!!!!!!!!!
love from Houston

Thanks for the wonderful comment Eric; God bless you as well. FLO's working on an album and we'll be sure to let you know when it drops. Just keep visiting the website to stay updated.

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