hey say it is Fally Ipupa, charming, excellent dancer w hhoas a haunting voice. " This artist is known by all to be the cornerstone of the group Quartier Latin Koffi Olomide, where he has been evolving for almost a decade.

Fally Ipupa was born in 1977 in Kinshasa (DRC), the capital of African music. Like many young people of his generation, music is first before winning his hobby as a priority in his life to the point of taking precedence over his studies. He soon discovered his gift for singing with her crystalline voice, confusing, prone to rumba and languorous songs. Therefore he will live only through and for music.

He began his musical classes in various small groups of Kinshasa (DRC) in the early 90s. Hungry for discovery and renewal, it does not drag in these groups and pass training courses, to finally find its place within a band appropriately named latent talents.

With his new teammates, he drew public attention Kinshasa, during the budding bands contest in the capital.

After this episode, Fally Ipupa works his singing and eventually attract the attention of Koffi Olomide, which he joined the orchestra (Latin Quarter) in the late 90s. The young man finally found his place and he will become a essential pillars.

For nearly 10 years, Fally Ipupa reinforces his art and expresses his talent in the "Latin Quarter" he mastered more and more writing over the band's albums. With "Forever" and "Ko Ko Ko, two major songs which he is a songwriter, Fally takes lace and grows in confidence to occupy despite his young age, the position of conductor.

The Congolese public likes nicknames and superlatives will soon nicknamed the 'DiCaprio' for its beauty, 'Anelka the most expensive transfer' to its value, or 'The Wonder' for his talent.

Fally is musically curious and greedy. His musical tastes range from classical to Hip-Hop, among its models are Marvin Gaye, Shaggy and Craig David. His influences married to his talent make it an extraordinary artist who dreams of new sounds, aspirations which are not easy to realize in a group like the Latin Quarter.

It is in the interests of artistic freedom that Fally took on the project of a solo album and personally like him and mix without difficulty expressing his creativity than his personality.

Fally is the first Congolese artist of his generation to attempt the adventure of a bivalent musical career, which combines innovation and tradition.

In short: Fally is a prodigy who lives with his time, without forgetting its roots.

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