The Experience 2010 (pictures)

500,000 voices. Live music. One sound. One GOD!

That's right! Bringing you live broadcast/pictures from the 2010 experience. Not only is this the greatest concert of all times, it is the largest gathering of worshipers. How else do you describe praying and praising for 10 hours?

This gospel explosion's featured the very best gospel artists of our time. Although the entire night's been awesome, I'll be sharing my favorite performances with you:

Onos (native of Warri) blew everyone away when she performed her hit single 'dance' with chevelle Franklin, who took us all to the islands with the sweet, solemn carribean sounds. Chevelle left us all speechless when she sang in Yoruba. Pernam Percy Paul's performance was nothing short of amazing, he brought the praise on.

Don Moen was simply angelic. Mary Mary's rendition of 'God in me' had the crowd break dancing.

Photo Credit: The Experience Lagos & deheadliners

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It Was Indeed an Experience for Me,
You Can Check Out How The Experience 2010 went also at this page

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