Chuboy's New single: Eclipse

Ladies, you are gonna love this one. "The rain cannot fall the way I fell for you...the stars couldn't brighten the night the way you do"; every lady would love for a man to say that about her.

This is a new track from Chuboy. It's not the usual party song; this one is a heart felt love song well written and sang by Chuboy. Enjoy the track.

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ugh my ears hurt loll. Is this song serious? .Lyrics are nice but the whole track desperately needs to be rearranged. The musical orientation sounds like a standard melody built into a casio keyboard player. Furthermore, the way he is singing it definitely sounds like someone singing a song while stuck in traffic.

Are you serious ifunanya? Maybe your speakers are faulty, the song is much nicer than you described.

The recording could have been better; the song is nice though. I like it. Go chuboy!

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