The Beginning: The official story of Dynamix all youth awards.

Dynamix all youth awards is the most anticipated annual youth event which identifies and recognises excellence of the Nigerian youth and celebrates the youth culture. We have been able to identify youth passions which we use annually to bring teeming youths together in one venue. From award rewards, music, comedy, fashion and general entertainment. Dynamix awards has for 5 years maintained the tradition of hosting youths from the entertainment industry, students from across universities in Nigeria and also Nigeria youths abroad to reward them and celebrate them to foster unity and oneness.

Speaking with Tunde Alade, The Co-coordinator of Dynamix all youth award, a talented young man with a vision for rewarding the youth, who are termed as the future leaders of tomorrow, he takes on his quest to establishing hope, rewarding excellence and a platform with which to celebrate the average youth.

When asked what he inspired him to start the awards he says “Youths across Nigeria especially students have never had a unifying forum where role models amongst them are celebrated and also where they can at the end of the year mingle and relate and get inspired. What we have are music, movies and other awards which does not affect or impacts or the core Nigerian youth. Nigeria youths are always spectators at these other awards. Dynamix thought there is a vacuum which needs to be filled and filled effectively for the benefit of youths not just on campuses but a forum that unites every youth irrespective of your discipline or level. And so far we have maintained the tradition” The Dynamix awards experience has been wonderful, inspiring, educative and entertaining. We have been thankful to God and our sponsors. It has been a jolly good ride with dynamic changes every edition. We have been waxing stronger every year but we need more sponsors to give back to award recipients.

Like every other rewarding platform in Nigeria, Dynamix is not without its own fair share of challenges, Sponsorship has been a major challenge because the change of people in the organization sponsoring any event can create issues in continued sponsorship or can stagger the relationship of any event with the official sponsor. If there is continued sponsorship, there shouldn’t be any issues, although in this regard Lagos state government has been a regular support. Their presence at all our events is highly appreciated says Mr Alade.

The criteria for Nomination is based on credibility, popularity and the people’s choice, while the winner is based on Winning is based 70% on voting to our shortcode and 30% on the judges decision. Judges for Music/society categories are reps from soundcity, primetime Africa, hip Tv and nigezie while for students categories are chiefs of students clubs and social societies.

Dynamix has made a mark in the youth market because of its various platforms targeted to encourage the youths a feat which he attributes to the glory of God, hard work and a dedicated team of young people all less than 30 years of age. And also the never say die attitude which the team possess at where there are no sponsors, we still go ahead with a befitting award show.

With a long term vision To be the leading Nigerian youths award ceremony which recognizes and celebrates young Nigerians across the world every year in a minimum 6 thousand capacity venue. It is no surprise that the group is waxing stronger and generally taking over the youth Market as It represents the unity, hustle, power and achievement of the Nigerian youth.

This year’s award is scheduled to take place on the 21st of December 2010 at the new expo hall, Eko Hotel and suites.

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i have been following the progress of dynamix for a while, like 2001 to be precise and i have seen a steady growth of dynamix. the awards is a very good idea. bringing young nigerians from accross the country and also from abroad is not an easy task. i want to commend the entire team of dynamix and hope they continue to do better in celebrating the youths. i do not believe the rumours and i know its all set up. Dynamix keep the flag flying and u guys are the best. thanks for bringing students on campus to the face of the world.

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