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KACHI Designs is where you can find Nigerian young talent at its most creative display. Definition, style, and couture are the key things that are drawn from her creation. She is no stranger to the fashion world but she is very eager to grow more in her art. Her story alone set aside from her creations motivates and inspires in so many levels.

Kachi conjures up the animated and fun-loving side of every woman. Her eclectic collections of contemporary and vintage-inspired apparel and accessories imbue life through African culture.

Her current collection "Mood Swings" was recently featured in Houston Fashion Week, where she received raved reviews. She treats silhouettes as canvases to be filled with kaleidoscopic patterns and colors—transforming fashion into art. Her brand is primarily anchored in representing the versatility of ankara— a 100% cotton fabric, patterned to perfection and popularized by West Africans.

You’ll find that Kachi Designs are multi-faceted and whether ready-to-wear, or custom-made, Kachi pieces bring life and sophistication to any wardrobe.

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i think these designs are really cool..the dress with the pink bow at the back, i love it! ps modeling for d designs wuld be much fun tew!:D

Check out what i did for you. U can contact latter for more. Udokogu onyeka qross on face book ............Versatility of the Nigerian ANKARA revealed

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