Sawa Shoes - Made in Africa!

We have always been told beautiful stories about Africa : the man of the jungle, King Kong and his beloved woman climbing the roofs of New York, hakuna matata!!!

That was funny, wasn't it?

And we don't forget the stories for the grown-ups: the super-heroes of the IMF, the good souls of the World Bank and the top economists, convinced that the African Miracle is about to happen... one day or the other.

That's also funny, isn't it?

The SAWA story belongs to a different kind. It is a story about people, a story about a challenging economy against the North to South flow. Purchase raw materials in Africa and transform them in finished goods... in Africa!

Sawa Sneakers are Vintage Inspired, all sneakers are made from products from around Africa! Indeed, the courts are made in Sawa Douala, Cameroon (Sawa is the name of the indigenous ethnic group of coastal Douala). The materials for the Canvas are from Cameroon, rubber Egypt and Morocco and Nigeria for leather.

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