Presenting the Inimitably Great - MOYEEN!

Multi-talented singer & songwriter, Moyeen, digitally releases her new single “Follow My
Dreams” (available on website) to pave way for her exciting new debut album titled
“Follow My Dreams”.

Moyeen’s new single “Follow My Dreams” has been digitally released for download on . This exciting new tune is a preview to her upcoming debut album (Follow My Dreams) scheduled for a January 2011 release. This single, chronicles her rebellion, struggles, and victory found in the pursuit of her first love: music. After a first listen, it becomes clear why this song is being hailed as the dreamer’s anthem!

Her album is a collection of ten original heartfelt songs exploring themes of false identity, self-fulfillment, nostalgia, loneliness, life, and love. Each song has its own identity and energy, which range from intense to subtle and listeners are guaranteed an enjoyable experience in Moyeen’s world of uninhibited music.

This milestone in her budding career proves that anything is possible as Moyeen has no claim to being born into a musical family, nor does she have a superstar sibling or producer to latch onto. All she had growing up were : a big dream, a cassette player, a hairbrush, her bathroom and a small audience: her very own reflection in the mirror. Coming from a traditional Nigerian society where artists and musicians were looked down on and white-collar professionals were better respected, Moyeen is poised as the poster child for self-liberation.

Having performed in niche circles across North America and Africa, Moyeen has honed her musical skills through hard work and audiences agree that her performances are invigoratingly engaging and energetic. Some call her a younger “Sade on Red Bull” but she refuses to be put in a genre-specific box. In this regard, you can find Moyeen cleverly crafting hints of jazz, Pop, RnB soul, Rock and even Reggae to create her distinctive sound.

Her conscious lyrics, pleasant harmonies, and unique voice texture make it easy to replay her music over and over again. Moyeen’s music is steadily gaining recognition, as her crossover appeal is evident in the diversity of crowds at shows. She says “After all we are all human! No matter what, we all breathe, love and feel pain, and on those common grounds we can all relate!”

Moyeen - Follow Your Dreams

And so Moyeen has no qualms baring her soul and vulnerabilities to her ever-attentive audience. Follow My Dreams is the lead single and a couple more singles will be released prior to
the album launch in Jan 2011. Fans are encouraged to download her songs from and they can follow her on twitter @ moyeenmusic and join her

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