On Y! TV This Sunday!

They have been around for a decade. In those 10 years, they have thrilled audiences, broken boundaries and inspired many. And now they are set to make history by distributing 500,000 copies of their new album Back at One free to their “family members” (as they call their fans) and allowing for free download of the album (on www.ynaija.com and other e-spots). Get the gist and the juice straight from their lips this Friday on radio and then Sunday on TV!

Then the national favourite is on! Ify Aniebo, reigning The Future Awards Person of the Year and winner of the Best Use of Science category will be talking with us about her work in malaria research and how much her life has changed since she won the awards. If you’ve heard this 26-year-old Cambodia-based scientist speak, then you know to tune is to Rubbin’ Minds this Sunday!

Rubbin’ Minds is live on Sunday on Channels Television 3 – 4pm. Channels also shows to the continent though DSTV channel 134 – and you can call in!
#IamNigeria is a special weekly Friday series attached to The Future Awards, running from October – February: this week 4pm on Cool FM and 5pm on Wazobia FM.
Don’t forget, you can also follow @YNaija on Twitter if you are outside the country or YNaija on Facebook.

Rubbin’ Minds is a production of Y! TV, and the #IamNigeria special series is a production of Y! Radio. More detail is on www.ynaija.com

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