New Soul & Pop sensation: Retta dey kolo for you

RETTA " New Soul and Pop sensation" is the future of Nigeria music and Africa's next big star

When gorgeous looks mix up with unbelievable singing talents, what you have is a package that’s simply irresistible. Call her RETTA, you’re sure to have a combination of raw Nigerian flavor. Born in Nigeria to a musical influence father and Nigerian Nurse mother from Rivers State. Retta, the fourth child of six girls, was one of those kids whose future passion for the spotlight was easily predicted. Growing up in school, Retta always felt out of place with her peers and she was once referred to as a loner. She often stayed in doors to paint pictures of her surrounding by writing songs and singing. Retta always knew that the world will hear her pain, love and heartbreak through her voice. Retta began to develop love for the Arts, moving up from her primary education to high school in Port-Harcourt Nigeria where her family resides. Participating in major shows and events in high-school, that passion began to prove itself as she got more involved in the art of entertainment through music, acting and dance and realized it had become a seemingly significant part of her. Through those early years of her education, even till juggling between decisions on what course to choose after gaining admission into the University of Port-Harcourt, it remained apparent that Ms. Retta had one calling and that calling was her music. With a soulful voice and a mixture of Pop.

Her music and sound takes you through a journey of life.This soulful and young singer is here to captivate the world with her unique style. She draws inspiration from the 70's, 80's music and the likes of Corrine Bailey Rae, Tracy Chapman, Macy Gray and Dido. Retta was discovered by Joy Tongo in 2008, President of Jton Productions while vacationing in Nigeria. According to Joy Tongo, Retta is the void that is missing in the African female music scene.. She is got the voice of angel, look of a goddess and determination to take her straight to the top.

As she walks into the doors of unveiling that true part of her, Nigerians can expect to see the elements of raw unleashed talents and Retta intends to bring that sensation with her own style. She looks up to her mum as a role model in her life. Retta intends achieving her goals, through self determination, hard work and GOD.” Barely over two weeks in releasing her first official debut single online "KOLO FOR YOU" . Retta has captured new followers and fans and the song is yet to be officially released in Nigeria. Its catchy hook, deep and soulful lyrics and enticing voice "Kolo for you" keeps spreading across everyone via word of mouth and has also reached numerous DJ's and artist. Raised and born in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria, it is safe to say the future is bright for Retta.
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