Keresimesi - FLO

Here's an early Christmas present from gospel rock sensation - FLO

FLO is a multi-talented Rock artist as well as a seasoned Music Producer and Prolific Songwriter. He is currently working on a 6 track xmas album, here's one of the tracks off of the upcoming album. You like? Let me see you dance, show your character!

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Is this guy a Nigerian born singer? Where in heaven's name has this dude been all this while? This is a revolution! And they say Naija hasn't got talent? Here's the new sound of Gospel coming right from the heart of Africa!!! Rock On FLO!!!

I just googled him and heard his other 'wicked' 'stuff at This guy needs some 'wicked' promotions..

Only God knows why some gifts are hidden and eventually when they are revealed, they are simply outstanding. This dude is one of those such gifts. How and where were you able to dig him up? Expose the dude to the world!

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