'I want people to feel uplifted' - Asa

Following on from her self-titled debut album, released worldwide in 2007, the Nigerian songstress Asa personifies evolution with her sophomore effort. “The first album reflected my state of mind then” Asa says. “I had a lot to talk about – social and political issues. This time, I felt different: I wanted to create something that would help people come out of sad moods and feel uplifted.”

Every track on Beautiful Imperfection fulfills the sole purpose of the album. You cannot help but lighten up when you listen to tracks like bimpe for example. In this track, Asa tells a girl named bimpe off and claimed they'd have no business together if she wasn't dating bimpe's brother. She goes as far as telling bimpe that the fact that she's a mother doesn't make her older or superior to her. Make una warn bimpe before Asa wound am o.

Asa - Bimpe (track 5)

Asa - The Way I feel (track 6)

One of the album’s stand-out tracks is the up-tempo, country music-tinged Broda Olé – a song you can’t help but clap your hands to. Sung in Yoruba, Asa explains that the song attempts to deliver its message through comedy and irony.

Asa - Broda Olé (track 11)

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