Love don't mean nothin came from heaven, trust me! - Paul Play

- How long have you been in the music industry?
Been doing music since I was 13. I started professionally ten years ago

- What or whom inspired you?
I was inspired by a lot of musicians from ABBA to R kelly and from Grandmaster flash and the furious five to Biggie smalls!but the biggest inspiration came from my dad and stevie wonder.

- Your biggest inspiration was your dad. In other words, he passed the music gene to you. Should we expect this to continue through the next IK DAIRO generation?
I don't know yet. Hopefully

- Aside from music, what do you enjoy doing?
I love movies. I do a lot of soundtracks for Nollywood. I love movie making. I'm involved with reality shows production at the moment.

- Exciting! Any info on when some of the shows would be aired?
I'm currently working with some producers on the reality show. We are not sure yet. Hopefully before the year runs out. I've just completed works on 3 episodes of a sitcom which will be running on air last quarter of this year.

- "Love don't mean nothing" is one of your latest work, any story behind the single?
Love don't mean nothin came from heaven, trust me! Songs like forever and this new one are gifts from God!

- What about ololufe mi?
Ololufe mi is a soundtrack from Bukky Wrights "Feranmi" movie.

- What does your new album hold? How many tracks are on it? If you were to describe this album in one sentence, what would you say and why is it called Hero?
The Album is titled HERO because of the bad experience I had last year.I went under the knife and came out alive.Nigerians prayed to keep me alive. I was deeply touched by their love for me and my music.its only a Hero that comes out of trials alive and people only pray for Heros not villains.It's a 13 track Paul IK dairo album. There is brand connection with the names Paul Play and Paul IK dairo. Paul IK Dairo album produces highlife, juju, naija and RnB
Paul Play is strictly RnB. The Paul Play album will be ready before january 2011

- Sweet! I always wondered why you switched names on different tracks, it all makes sense now. You said HERO is a 13 track album, can we get a track listing?

  • Clublife 9ja (highlife)
  • Delicious. (RnB)
  • Kowale (crossover)
  • Love don't mean nothin (RnB)
  • Weimo (highlife)
  • Bring ur love back (pop)
  • Aye le ( gospel)
  • Friendnemies (naija)
  • Which one you dey
  • Dance hall queen ( RnB)
  • Ololufe mi (crossover)
  • Eni in nkan he (crossover)
  • Victory (gospel)
- Which of these tracks is your favorite and why?
I love all the tracks on the album but I find it hard to pick the better between delicious and love don't mean nothin! The tracks are easy to warm up to. Response from fans actually confirms that.

- Apart from the collaboration with niyola on love don't mean nothing, are there any others on the album?
I prefer working with upcoming acts to help them grow. Kowale features a young guy called Bebe somethin'. Slam featured on "bring ur love back" Alabai featured on "clublife"

- Who's your favorite musician (in or outside of Nigeria)?
I can't prune it down to one. Artistes: Stevie Wonder, R kelly, Joe,Abba, Guy, earth wind and fire, heatwave, KOOL and the Gang. Nigerian music: my dad, Fela kuti, Ambrose campbell.

- There's a lot of complaints about artists sounding alike or using the same beat, how do you manage to beat that complaint?
I'm glad Nigerians are waking up to realize that problem. That will do a lot in developing and raising industry standards. My fans know my music is unique and that's why they're always here! (smiles) Versatility is the key. If u wake up one day and boldly decide to release
a pure RnB album with no vernacular, it's risky but it separates you from the rest.

- Any particular reason why you sing about love?
Love brought me here! What would have happened if my parents never fell in love?

- hahaha nice one! So how would you describe life without love and music?
Life without love is baseless because the world was created out of love. And the supreme being who created the world out of love also invented music for his relaxation in heaven. Who can live without music when the creator Himself resides in it.

- Is Paul Play touring this year?

We are looking into that. Europe tour looks more realistic but I'm signed to a publishing company (murder riddims USA) I'm also a BMI writer. Much energy will geared towards songwriting and music production for most of the year. I've been receiving song placement demands from
Sony, Warner Bros, etc through Murder riddims.

Thank you for sharing your life and music on Olamild Ent. We appreciate you Paul Play!

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