Banky W asks 'Why?'

Another insightful track off of the W Experience. This is the 13th track and it's titled Why. In this track, Banky asks the million dollar question - why can't Nigerians unite as one? Why do we tend to create problems for others to solve? Why can't we live in unity? Is one Nigeria unattainable or is it that we do not even make an effort to unite?

Banky goes further to list our accomplishments and urges us to let go of animosity; embrace and unite as one.

Verse 1

Omo wetin dey happen, God gave us oil in the delta

Water for benue and niger, Mineral resources all over

And then he called us Nigeria

We have no natural disasters,Na we dey cause kata kata

We come dey fall asunder,E dey make me dey wonder



We are so bright , bi itun lili, Still we got no unity

We are wide, bi oju orun o, So why cant we see

God never forsakes us, But we forsakes ourselves

Heaven just wants to help us,But we must help ourselves

So why why can we even try

To live in U.N.I.T.Y

Its up to you and I

Verse 2

We have survived military suppression. Not to mention the oppression of the mind

See all of this pretension and decention, From Africa’scenter of attention

Now that we have our freedom, We throwaway all our wisdom

In the name of religion and politics. What is this

Now we fighting in Jos, Killing one another no remorse

Stuck like traffic in Lagos, Tell you what this means

We gotta move forward, Cos behind in this race course

When I go over to the east they say

Chukwu gozie gi ah

When I go over to west they say

Oluwa yo bukun o

My calabar people say

Abasi oyong fi

My hausa people say

Allah ba kalaba?

What’s the use of blessing one another

If we keep fighting one another

And killing each other

We can try try try

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