Asa - Bamidele (lyrics)

Bamidele is a bonus track on Asa's new album - beautiful imperfection. This piano driven song is the 13th track off of the album and it tells the story of love,betrayal, and most importantly values.

You wonder how we know?

It's simple! If you understand the Yoruba language, you'll notice that Bamidele is a narrative song with a recurrent refrain - Akinyele.

Let's make this interesting

Akinyele wants to marry wife but he don't want to pay some bride price!

Apparently, Akinyele is this first class lawyer that fell in love or should we say got infatuated with a younger chick. We presume that the chick is in high school and was easily wowed by the fact that a graduate had interest in her. Akinyele had to go the extra mile by convincing this chick that he was unlike her age mates - his ultimate goal was to marry her. After several months of persuasion, Akinyele was able to accomplish his mission.

Otutu mu mi eyin nro mi, wa bami dele bami!

It's like an African teacher-student love affair; it never goes well! This chick discovered she was pregnant for Akinyele the lawyer and he denies having anything to do with the unborn baby. Where is Maury when you need him?

Iya mi lo bimi baba mi lo tomi, mi o kin somo registry

Chick got pissed when Akinyele chickened out of his responsibilities. Now emboldened to speak her mind, she reminded him of the things he said to get her in bed and insisted that he must follow her to her father's house by will or by force. Enjoy this sweet ballad!

Asa - Bamidele (lyrics)

Binu e ba dun (Whether you are happy)
A binu e o ba dun (Whether you are sad)
On lati bamidele (You must follow me home)

Bi o ba fe (Whether you like it)
Abi o ba ko ye (or not)
On lati bami dele bami (You must follow me to my father's house)

Akinyele wants to marry wife
He don't want to pay some bride price
You better find it

Akinyele omo Jinadu (Akinyele son of Jinadu)
He don't want to pay some brideprice
You better find it

Akinyele o......

Otutu mu mi (Cold is catching me)
Eyin nro mi o (My back is hurting)
Wa bamidele bami (Follow me to my father's house)

Se be the same thing lo sofun mi lano (After all, you told me the same thing yesterday)
but today
Wa tele mi mole (Come, follow me home!)

Lawyer alagidi (Stubborn Lawyer!)
First class lawyer
Alakori sanwo koto jo be (Tricky fella, pay before you chop soup)

Iya mi lo bimi (My mother gave birth to me)
Baba mi lo to mi (My father raised me)
Mi o kin somo registry (I'm not a registry child)

Akinyele o.....

Lawyer alagidi (Stubborn Lawyer!)
First class lawyer
Alakori sanwo (Tricky fella, pay up!)

Komo mumu (so the child can drink)
Komo jeun (so the child can eat)
Komo somo lomo (so the child can be a child!)

Akinyele o.....

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