Pon Pon Pon (lyrics) - Yesi Mix

Oh boy
Da Grin Rest in Peace my dude
And the boy no dey shy
Kabiyesi in the building
Ibadan in the building
You know we gonna kill dem
men you know i’m gonna kill dem

Verse 1

omo ibadan, ibadan lo bi mi si
ibadan mo ti bere si ka a-b-d
no be small thing, men to ba ja si bi
they be damn like awon boys yen won alagidi
wasibi/ you see dat kosowos
but still we dey shine like ororo
whip game hurt dem koboko
so i roll thru like jaja of opobo
ki lo wa fe/ mo gbono mo lapepe
yea the boy’s on point… abere
won’ won setting/ won wa fe be/
so they wan’ beef, ife modakeke/
ogbeni kilowade,
over J, fronting like u dangote
that’s ok, i’m real they are apoche
when i show up, they be like nagode…. hey

Mo le nu bi
Pon Pon Pon Pon Pon Pon 4 times
And you cant see me
Even when you can see me, you still can’t see me
(Oh boy), let the things go… (Pon Pon Pon Pon)

ede x ede, remi ko inya
segun elere ballu/ na nigga its all you/
me i dey school dem/exercise book em/
now they hate on me men, why d thing dey chuk dem/
but who dem/ you think i did something to em/
but me i’m so hungry, i bet i’m going chew dem
so you better get your pastor
yoruba boy killing dem with h factor/
h-i h-am h-iller than h-every h-emcee you know/
so h-excuse me if i’m cocky/
but i’ve overlooked so much in my life
that all i got left is my balls and my pride
so i’ll be gaddammed if i let another man
come and try to tell me the value of my brand
i tell a nigga whot/ i’m all setup
like semi lastcard, last card, and checkup POW!!!


2 gun salute for that nigga da grin
i got you baby
Naija boy, yoruba boy, its nothing

Verse 3

when i first started music all i heard was laughter
mr man face ur book, turn another chapter
but after/ i show dem i rapper.. how far
soon they say i’m gifted/ told em ima hamper/
stayed on the grind/and i drop another banger
now they say scary/ like ayamantanga
but when i pass dem just dey nod like agama
won beri fun mi but i no be obama/
tell me whats the mattter/ i just dey off their pata
this is hot shit so my flow na shalanga
picture all the rhymes that i wrote with eleganza/
thinking one day ima buy me a mazda/
almost gave up on looking for the peso
lojokan mo wa gbo dagrin lori radio
ori mi wa gbono/ mi o fe wa gbomo
motivation ni yen ewa gbo naa/

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