Introducing Tânia Tomé

Tânia Tomé (Mozambique) is a singer, composer, poet , presenter, actress, producer and published author. An early passion for the arts, music and singing culminated in her winning the first prize, at the age of seven, for best voice in an international competition organised by the World Health Organization in Mozambique. With the conclusion of her degree in economics, Tomé won the Mario Soares Foundation of Portugal award for academic commitment in combination with social-humanitarian-artistic activities.

Tome participate in lots of festivals around the world as a singer, and as well as poet. Festival Cup of cultures, Germain, International Festival Africa, South Africa, SADC Festival Botwana and Festival of music Mozambique ,and many others.
As a musician she is managing to have her first cd of music, and have been singing in many places, some of them in Germain, Portugal and Mozambique, meeting celebrities of music as Lokua Kanza, Tito Paris, Bonga, Otis, Sergio Afonso and many others musicians that she had opportunity to sing with, some of them are Roberto Chitsondzo, Stewart Sukumah, Mingas, Gabriela, João Schualbach, Projecto zambeze, Tassiana T, Sheila Jesuita, Lena Baule, showesia project, Miguel Xabindza, Bhaka and many others.

Tome works as well as Head of department of Credit and Risk mitigation in a financial institution in Mozambique, and as well as a financial and management consultant.

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