Introducing Gospel sensation - Falu.Phalu

For more than eleven years now, Christian musician Falu.Phalu has been an integral, innovative and uncompromising part of ministering through music. "As a young musician I wonder, where my music comes from?" says Falu.Phalu.

"I've become a bit of a historian of Jazz and World-music genre, listening to music from across the globe. With the gift God has placed in me and the view I have of Him as a pioneer of all things and creator I strive to be like Him in such ways by reforming the known and bringing familiar things together to make the music that I would like to see happen.”
He started his musical education learning to play the drums at the young age of 7 and picked up other instruments in his later teenage years : the Piano, Guitar, Upright bass, Djembe and other percussions. His native Nigerian formative years found him firmly rooted in many different musical traditions, making him very fond of jazz, soul, blues, Latin Putumayo, and classical music. Right now touring, ministering and performing as an artist with very unconventional musical deliverance, Falu.Phalu is out to keep bringing the unusual that we all enjoy… to God’s glory.

Falu pays homage to God whose masterful works of creation inspired his development as one diverse music performer creating his own style of Acoustic, jazz influenced, pop hint music with Pan African rhythms and soulful singing sometimes fused with rap.

Former member of a young Christian group known as O3 (Chosen Okonrende, Miss Ree, Falu.Phalu) and a pioneer of Acoustic rap, Falu.Phalu reaches back to the primary sources of jazz and soul music to create his personal and spiritual interpretations of classic performers of the past and present. For example, some of his influences are Jim Reeves, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Needham, Mali Music, Sam Cooke, Jason Mraz and Esperanza Spalding. While exploring and expressing himself through music, Falu.Phalu acknowledges his own key role striving to carry on these powerful legacies by creating a distinct style to hopefully touch lives.

“Rejuvenation” his first album was released in 2008. The music is a true window into the heart and roots of men and women with a past letting them know that your future is what matters and how God can redefine a life no matter what the past was. His approach to the songs and the genre perfectly reflect his belief, letting the world know what he stands for.

“The Rejuvenation Acoustic” a sophomore album was released in concert and was a starting point of the break away in his music showing that he was more than just rap and “Hip-Hop” beats. This multi-faceted 12 track album listed some of the songs from his debut album in a whole new light with him singing most songs with live acoustic background.

WATCH OUT FOR T.S.I.M-The Snowwflake in May-in 2011.Get the single –“Words of Wisdom”- now on itunes!

Falu.Phalu - Words of Wisdom

Faly.Phalu - Birthday (acoustic)

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I like his music. It is quite unusual and beautiful.

In Atlanta,Georgia catch him live in concert Novemeber 28,2010. Check for details.Thanks

been my friend for a while and even i am shocked keep doin yo thang falu remeber them creekbend days bro remember where u come from most of all.good job boy im proud of you family


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