Happy Birthday Da Grin

Happy Birthday Da GRIN!!

Naija State of Mind was shot by the Naija Boyz in honor of one of those who came to redeem the image of rap music in Africa. He is none other than the late CEO of Misofunyin entertainment, super talented songwriter/rapper Da Grin.

He passed away on April 22, 2010 after sustaining internal injuries as a result of the accident he had 8 days before he passed. If he were to be alive, he probably would have celebrated his birthday in grand style. Who knows? he probably would have released some crazy hot track - he's tagged the lyrical were after all.

In his time, he blended hip hop and lyrics from the traditions with contemporary urban influences. His songs were loaded with universal social and street messages complimented by hardcore vocal performances. Da Grin lives in our hearts!! God bless the Naija Boyz for honoring him.

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I love this!!!
Kudos to the Naija Boyz

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