eLDee Gets Heard On CNN

The multi-talented rapper, producer and activist eLDee gets his voice heard on CNN.

eLDee has been in the news lately for his return to shooting videos, his UK tour as well as for his work on the "Rep 4 Nigeria" song for MTV Base Nigeria. He was recently featured on CNN i-List - a program that focuses on different topics about a country for a whole week. The i-List edition which has chosen Nigeria as its talking point this independence week, beamed its spotlight on Nigerians on Social Media. In the course of the feature, notice was taken of eLDee's continued campaign to use all avenues available to him to make his voice relevant in the struggle for positive change in Nigeria.

Earlier this year, he released his video One Day, also mentioned in the CNN feature story. The video, like I go Yarn[2004], rails at the system and asks questions about the quality of our leadership and accountability on the part of our rulers while still preaching its message of hope to the hopeless. With his music he advocates accountability and alerts the populace to the need to exercise their rights. It is a part of the reason why he has lent himself to such causes as "Enough-is-Enough” as well as the #LightupNigeria movement, of which he is a founding member.

eLDee is not only well known for making great music but also for his relentless fight for a better Nigeria. Through his music, he very boldly addresses issues of corruption, bad governance and injustice in his native country, Nigeria. His genuine passion for his country and Africa as a whole, makes him unabashed when addressing its issues. His involvement with the #lightupnigeria movement has brought the lack of constant electricity to the forefront and made it a topic of concern among the youth and in the political arena in Nigeria.

eLDee, who was behind such hits as ‘Bosi Gbangba’, ‘Big Boy’, and more recently, ‘You Know It’ by Goldie is the founder of Trybesmen. He is a consummate music producer, recording artiste and a qualified architect. His personal hits like ‘I go yarn’, ‘Champion’, and ‘African Chiquito’ have been aired on radio stations all over the world. His latest album ‘Is It Your Money?’ was released February 2010 and boasts of successful singles like ‘Ota Mi’, ‘Blowing my Mind’ and ‘One Day’. It raked 2 Nominations at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

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