Asa: Maybe (Acoustic Version)

The Nigerian-born singer brings a ray of sunshine with Maybe, the new single from her second album, here in acoustics.

Asa had pointed out three years ago with a debut album at the crossroads of a sleek pop and soul of a savior. The smiling Nigerian continues to flourish and once again place the Sun at the center of his artistic life. This is evident from the album Beautiful Imperfection, which highlights the singer's quiet personality a little more assertive.

Enjoy "Maybe" - another single off of the new album. Video was recorded in a Paris studio and brought to you by Velvet Press. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

Asa’s new album “Beautiful Imperfection” is available on CD from today in France, Nigeria, South Africa and Switzerland.

It will be released in other European countries at the beginning of November (Germany, belgium, Denmark, Netherland, Spain, etc.), on November 14th in Japan, and next year in the USA, Australia and Canada.

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