Asa - Be My Man (lyrics) + pictures

Asa has intensely sharpened her musical tone as in infectious single “Be my man” rooted at the very core of trademark Stax and Motown productions.

“Be my man” will be the first taster to “Beautiful Imperfection”, set to release from October 25th in Europe.

Pictures of Asa (Nigeria's own soul songstress)

ASA - Be my man (lyrics)

Verse I:
My mama use to tell me
girl it ain't that cool
to see a man you love and start to act the fool
Tell me what's a girl in love suppose to do?
Tonight I'm breaking mama's rule
Baby there's a lot of things I want to say
I'm in love with you, you're driving me insane
I know I'm sounding stupid
But is it okay
to be your woman everyday?

You be my man
and I will be your woman everyday

Verse II:
Baby can we take a walk around the park?
And I can cook you dinner, it won't be so bad.
We can laugh and talk about the friends we've had
and all the ones that made me mad
ohh baby can we stay up all night?
We can argue, we can even start a fight
and I can laugh, and say I love the way you smile
And everything would be just fine

You be my man
and I will be your woman everyday

Say you ...iwo nikan
I'm gonna be your woman everyday.
You you you you...
be my man!

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I like this website. I did not know ant site can get yet to be released song. Thanks for the ASA's Be My Man Lyric

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