9ice - Appetizer (lyrics)


I once lost my appetite but now you be my appetite
You be my appetite girl with you food be later, later
You be my appetite, appetizer

1st Verse

Am like an organizer,
Ready for all your drama
Mama come bring it over
You go appreciate my banana

Mama'mia you can go lower
Your tongue na Sterilizer
When you touch me I get my hunger
Am sure you be energizer
Possibly we can go further

From here to Bahamas
All I need is your big ass
Am ok, alright


Body no be firewood
kose fi sara ku, Ma baby boo
Ajayi ogidi olu wan chop like isiewu
Likiliki like pepper soup

Before you know, Omo wa kewu
(you will speak in arabic language or speak in tongue)

My appetizer, baptize ma
Rude boy wanna enter
I love this chemistry
Oya Jamisi, jen won mi si

Baby you are incredible
For my mouth palatable
Baby you are like 3 square meals
Your balance diet they fill me
Like I never chop am before you make me ask for more


I'm horny,I'm hungry, I'm lonely, this feeling is funny
Baby come put it on me
I will oil your generator
Free flow like liquidator
Na me sex originator
Bedroom gladiator
Girly, girly, girly
Omo you be super
Girly, girly, girly
Eru lodi saya

Bashorun Gaa and versus album will be released on the 7th of December, 2010. Stay tuned!! In the meantime, check this video out; it's a preview of 9ice's upcoming video.

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