Official theme song for FACEBOOK SINGLES & STILL SEARCHING PARTY Tour Released

The highly and most anticipated networking party “FACEBOOK SINGLES & STILL SEARCHING PARTY” tour Organizers Mega Points International and Le Blonde Entertainment premiere the theme song of the event title “Facebook Single N Searching” produced by Vtek and sang by Dave Harmony and Vtek.

The first edition of the event is coming up live in Lagos come October 2nd at Tobol Hall (The Tent Garden Hall) on Toyin Str. Ikeja behind Total Filling Station few building away from White House.

“The event was borne out of the need to create a social networking party that will bring together all Singles from all works of life via a grand style interactive event. The event is in the class of its own, the innovative packaging approach given to the event will make it an event that will be talked about for a long time” said Mr.Onyi Momah, C.E.O, Le Blonde Entertainment.

“This programme seeks to connect all Nigerian Singles on Facebook via a classic event and to inculcate the core values of blind date spirit, self confidence and networking of Singles on facebook” said Mr. Femi Lawal, Principal Consultant, Mega Points International.

Quoting Mr. Uche Nwaokolo, a co-founder at Mega Points International “The event will provides Nigerian singles a way to get out and join a wide variety of fun, interesting and exciting activities as a way to experience things they may not ordinarily do on their own, while meeting new friends and developing new relationships online via facebook.”

“The event was tip as the hottest and juiciest networking party for the month of October because it will every guest direct access in real time and opportunity to network with other Nigerian Singles on Facebook in person other than online only”- Ife Owosuna, Event Co-Ordinator.

FB S3 Party is an event where guest can have as much fun as they may want to, network, socialize and expand their professional horizons.

The event have an official social networking site where Nigerian Singles can sign up, follow up, share personal opinion on the event which in return can earn them lots of freebies and free ticket reservation if their comment emerge as the best comment of the week. (

This is an event every Nigerian singles both male & female, old and young, even single parents and young widows will not want to miss because this is a chance of a life time to witness and be part of history as the first ever FACEBOOK SINGLES & STILL SEARCHING PARTY tour is kicking off in Nigeria with the Lagos Edition live on Toyin str. in Ikeja the heart of Lagos and Nigeria Entertainment Center.

Advance reservation is require to be part of the event because no ticket sales at the venue.

More info about the event can be seen on:

Or via the event page on facebook: search for FB S3Party”.


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