In 2009 and 2010, a particular ballad and its HipHop remix, rendered partly in the Igbo language, inundated Nigerian wedding ceremonies and resonated across radio in Ghana and Kenya. The song Obi Mu O grew out of The Rebirth album to further establish Obiora Obiwon’s mastery of signature balladry. The success of this hit single seemed to distract, albeit temporarily, from the main theme of Obiora’s Christian faith-based sophomore.

Using the now almost customary “inspired remix” mode, Obi refocuses attention on The Rebirth with a high energy version of the praise/worship theme F.a.t.h.e.r, the second single off the album. My Father (F.a.t.h.e.r Part II) is much more than a remix, hence the ascription “part II”. Riding on an infectious groove, part II packs double the heat of the first, successful meshing of a pop/HipHop style into cultural rhythm and lingo.

On the b-side single, Obiora draws inspiration flowing from the recently concluded World Cup in South Africa for an unusual sound from him in the brand new One Voice. One Voice is an ode to the African continent and people and uses scenery from geographical landmarks to announce its beauty, strength and stance.

One Voice is already confirmed as a feature on two international compilations which will introduce Obiwon to a worldwide audience. The first is an Africa-themed project entitled “The Best of African Music: One World, One Love Edition”, via worldwide distributor Universoul Vibes and also featuring international acts Akon and Nas. The second entitled “Seat 1-A” The International Musical Experience” is a product of U.S based Bereolaesque movement. Both projects are billed for international release in 2010.

Both songs will later hit stores via a disc set entitled T.R2 (The Rebirth Relived). T.R2 will feature remixes, new songs, fresh collaborations and new videos.

Obiwon - My Father (pt II)

Obiwon - One Voice

Obiwon - My Father (Acoustic Version)

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