MI vs. Iceberg Slim ‎| NEA Battle

After what went down last night(Nigerian Entertainment Awards), there's no questioning who's better. MI won the best rap act award and dedicated his award to fellow nominee Da Grin (may his soul rest in peace). Iceberg Slim gets on stage right after that to perform his diss track to MI (Am I Better). His hype man was everything but HYPE and the performance was quite weak.

Did it end there? Absolutely not!

The after party was held at pacha night club and both acts had an impromptu battle. Iceberg Slim goes -"this is my city M, you can't F*** with me." He got more than he bargained for as MI proceeded to freestyle and pretty much destroyed Iceberg slim. "Is he better than me, I don't know! is he? I was too busy," says MI.

MI is better than Iceberg Slim (enough said!!)

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