Life & Music - IBK

a beautiful combination of you and I embedded in word that gave life to everyone/
He who was, is and forever would be I run into the arms of life and embark on a/
journey to reality/
its funny cos we punish ourselves/
with the same things we put in place to control ourselves/we made money as a legal tender but man has made money tender to his greedy needs and all I need is/
one mic
one paper
one pen
one dream
one soul
one individual in control
one life
one opportunity to explain purpose
my minds like a circus activity so I/
focus my music in the direction that your ears wont refuse it/
and if it do!/
then its scared of the truth that hurts the course thats unjust and pause the impulse/
that makes you sow thorns as seeds in our youth

life is my spaceship
it's complex but simple to understand
it's that spaceship boy homie!

Beautiful poetry written by IBK(spaceship boy) ...well delivered too!

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a refreshing song in dese "crazy" tyms...Never look bak bro...keep moving forward! U rep all of us....@ CU

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