J Martins partners with Storm!

Storm 360 is proud to announce a multi-level partnership with Don Family Records in respect of their premium artist J Martins. This partnership involves Storm 360 taking responsibility for all aspects of J Martin's career, brand and positioning. We are confident in J's talent and we have had a good relationship going back several years, we are happy to welcome him to the Storm Family and to work with him to take his brand global. J Martins is a certified hit-maker, producer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and of course recording and performing artist. In the Nigerian market there are many great talents but not often do those talents get the opportunity to impact but J Martins as a producer and songwriter has already been involved in changing the soundscape in Nigeria with his production of seminal hits for several major artists, including P-Square, 2face, Bracket, Essence, Naeto C, Sasha and so many more.

"I am excited that Don Family Records has entered into this new partnership with Storm 360, Obi and I have a common love for real music, i have been working for years in this industry and this is another step towards my ultimate goal to become one of the most important musicians who has touched people's their mind, body and soul. I believe that working with Storm will open me up to new opportunities, to new markets and to new experiences, it will also allow me to focus on my primary work which is making beautiful music for my fans"

This man was raised in the church like most great musicians and has honed his skills on various stages, this year alone J Martins has crisscrossed Africa, Europe and America hitting over 25 countries so far and we are just in October, in this regard special mention must be made of Jude Okoye and the P-Square Family who have carried Jay along in all of their work, tours and platforms for the past 5 years. A private family man, with no ego, attitude or issues, Storm is committed to working with him to enable him to be positioned as the SuperStar we believe him to be.

As Part of the Global Positioning of J martins(which we are proud to associate with) and his brand of infectious music, he recently recorded the global remix of one his current hit songs "Jukpa" with Multiple award-winning Congo International Artist- Fally Ipupa(formerly with Koffi Olomide and has also recorded with Olivia of G-Unit) in Paris although, the collaboration with Fally Ipupa has been a rumour in the music industry for a while but We can now authoritatively confirm to you that he also shot the video for Jukpa in paris. The Link to Making of the Song is Attached for your Enjoyment, while we have also attached Jukpa ft. Fally Ipupa(the global remix) EXCLUSIVELY for you to dance to non-stop! This Collaboration is a historic one.

As J Martins joins the Storm Army we Salute Him, yet again he is about to change the direction and sound of African music and all we can really say is get familiar with this man, his music and his movement, most likely you have already been grooving to his many hit records but perhaps u had not connected to who he is, well in that regard it is time to embrace J Martins and get ready for the music.


J Martins ft. Fally Ipupa - Jupa (global remix)

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