I am DaGrin - DISGuise ft. YEYE Boys

The Music Division consisting of JR, TRB & Tony D began working on different projects separately all partaking in various genres of music. Eventually the Rap Artists decided to work together in a group focused on not just a blend of genres to deliver but also on giving Listeners the Ginga they need; and thus the YeYe Boiz began operation.

The YeYe Boiz, consisting of the three members: Tony D (Producer/Innovator/Confused/Monster),
JR (J.Rizzy/Yur Friendli Ghost/Boooggaaa),
and TRB (Alabooza/YeyeUgo/Joker/Biologist).

2 members of D-Squad in Nigeria rapping in the UK are JR aka Ur Friendly Neighbourhood Ghost & T.R.B, formally The Rap Biologist but evolved into The Rap Beast. Both began participating in Freestyle Battles and Open Mic events whilst in Nottingham.

Rapping as a part of the crew L3 is Tony D. While in Nigeria he started making beats and then went on to rapping and had a few performances till he left for Nottingham

Grinding in the music scene trying to make it through the Underground a couple of years ago, the YeYe Boiz were not as Yeyeish as they are now.

I Am DaGrin - DIS Guise Ft. JR & TRB(YeYeBoYs)

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