Does Faith mean much? Young people talk about religion on Y! TV this Sunday

It’s what the world is talking about this week, with the end of the Muslim fast and the Ramadan season and the whole debate over Koran-burning by Rev. Jones in the United States of America. The reverend of a congregation of 50 has gained world wide infamy for threatening to burn the holy book in protest against the building of a mosque on Ground Zero in New York.

But let’s get a personal with this. Whilst young Nigerians seem to talk more about God, and do more “for God” these days, how personal does it get? How much does it cover? How relevant is our religion to who we are?

The show is on live today on Channels Television 3 – 4pm. Channels also shows to the continent though DSTV channel 134. You can follow @YNaija on Twitter if you are outside the country or YNaija on Facebook.

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