Nigeria: New Uprising Male Group MVE

Agege, Nigeria

Fate sometimes make a perfect match,that could be said to be the case of these three young talents. Mike Kpoudosu aka The Myth,his blood brother Victor Kpoudosu aka Vtek and their last man Emmanuel Joseph aka Nuel make the group "MVE".

THE MYTH is a vocalist
VTEK is a producer.
NUEL is a rapper

Up and coming Nigerian-based hip hop group M.V.E have signed a management and A&R contract with Mega Points International (Africa's first independent A&R/promotion company). They now are on the path of making history for Nigerians across the globe as the three young group members and their newly released singles Search and Dance Move are making waves across Europe and the U.S.

The song is yet to be officially release for terrestrial and satelite radio airplay, it was only released digitally and just a week after their release the two songs are currently heating up 400 digital radio stations across Europe and the U.S.

Demand for the song is high and the group have been booked for over 20 interviews. Lead vocalist Mike (a.k.a the Myth), recently said "It's hard work, it's not easy. But we thank God and our management for believing in us."

Victor (a.k.a Vtek), the youngest member of M.V.E. and the groups producer/rapper, has been making a name for himself recently and is now in demand as a producer, with requests coming from all over Nigeria. "Its spread like a wild fire, I can't believe this is happening to us at this time of our career" said Vtek.

Emmanuel (a.k.a Nuel), the member who represents the groups African roots to the fullest, is not to be slept on either. To him what is going on is not just a day job and it took them time to restructure things, he said "It was hard coming out from a place where the current industry scene is filled with guys doing almost the same thing and you're trying to bring out a new flavour. That's why our debut album will be titled Revolution." click here to hear their song(s)

Source: Planeturban

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Hello i love their song how can i get a copy to add to my playlist on my show. Thanks.


you are tight and the fact that yo making us proud. We gonna support your with everything .how can i get your music.

This is the example of a good young minds.I love what you guys are doing keep it up. I will like to have a copy of the send to me please.I want to have it on my system. I cannot download the song via the webpage it only play.

I love this song,i must confess.

I don't think the boys have made the song downloadable

The song is now officially released to satelite radio stations,you

can call your local station to request for the songs or download the


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