About Us

“The Nigerian Entertainment Industry experienced a tremendous breakthrough in the year 2008; with the growing number of undiscovered artists came the need for a site that showcases raw and new talent. Olamild Entertainment was an answer to that call.” - Olamild
In 2005, a blog titled ‘A Born Star’ was created to promote Africa on the web. The need to expand the fan base for the blog led to the creation of Olamild Entertainment which was birthed offline in 2007 and went global (online) in the year 2009.

Prior to the year 2008, upcoming artists were given little or no attention on the radio and television. That became a source of inspiration for us as we took it upon ourself to bring Africa closer to the rest of the world by promoting various artists in the world of fashion, music, and more.

Today, Olamild Entertainment serves as one of the top African entertainment site and is widely recognized globally.

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